2021/ 2022 Snow Bird Packages

Pull-Through Site

90 Days (3 mo.)

$ 1,732
cash or check price
  • 1,822.50 card rate

120 Days (4 mo.)

$ 2,310 cash or check price
  • 2,430 card rate

150 Days (5 mo.)

$ 2,887
cash or check price
  • 3,037.50 card rate

180 Days (6 mo.)

$ 3,484
cash or check price
  • 3,665.25 card rate

Lake Front Site

90 Days (3 mo.)

$ 2,070 cash or check price
  • 2,160 card rate

120 Days (4 mo.)

$ 2,760 cash or check price
  • 2,880 card rate

150 Days (5 mo.)

$ 3,450 cash or check price
  • 3,600 card rate

180 Days (6 mo.)

$ 4,163 cash or check price
  • 4,344 card rate

Reservations: Extended stay rates are offered November through April known as the snowbird season. Rates are based on payment type and subject to a minimum stay of 90 consecutive nights during the snowbird season.  Electricity is an additional fee. The rate covers up to 2 guests, 4 visitors, 2 vehicles, and personal golf cart usage.  Pull-Thru sites are $19.25 per night when paid by cash or check and $20.25 per night when paid by card.   Lakefront sites are $23.00 per night when paid by cash or check and $24.00 per night when paid by card.  We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Security deposit & payment: A security deposit in the amount of $500.00 is required to reserve a site and the balance due on the scheduled arrival date.

Electricity: Meters are read on the scheduled arrival date, last day of each month, and departure date. Payments for electric are due and processed on the first day of each month and departure date. 

Preferred sites:Requests for preferred sites are noted, but not guaranteed.  

Early departures: WillowTree does not refund or provide credits for early departures. Sites vacated prior to the scheduled departure date are deemed an early departure and usage privileges end.

Restrictions: Utility trailers are welcome, but must be kept in overflow. If you anticipate bringing a pet, personal golf cart or watercraft, request additional policy information as restrictions apply.

Special event registration:  All WillowTree guests must register for any WillowTree hosted event prior to the event.  A registration roster will be kept at the check-in desk. 

Special event visitor fees apply: All WillowTree guests who bring visitors to a special event must also identify their visitors by name in said register, provide the visitors vehicle identification and pay the visitor event fee. 

Cancellation policy: Whether reducing the number of nights reserved or cancelling the entire stay, cancelled nights are subject to loss of security deposit.   Cancellations on or before August 1st, 2020 are subject to forfeit one-half of the security deposit. Reducing the number of nights reserved constitutes a cancellation of nights and subject to loss of security deposit ranging from $18.50 up to $500.00 depending on the date of notice and number of nights cancelled.   Reservations without the $500.00 security deposit will be cancelled.

 No Shows: Reservations are held until 11:00 a.m. the morning following the scheduled arrival date.  If the guest has not registered or contacted the office with time of arrival, the reservation is cancelled and the entire deposit forfeited.

Date Adjustment Courtesy: If you wish to adjust your arrival date and departure date by 7 nights or less without reducing the number of nights confirmed reserved, WillowTree will do so provided the entire stay is on the same site.  Adjustments are a courtesy, and not guaranteed.

We are Fully reopened to Short & Long-Term Stays!

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